As you consider the many areas in which you could purchase a home, undoubtedly one of the things which will strike you about Four Seasons is its feel. It feels safe, quiet and reflects that quality we term “pride of ownership.” The reason Four Seasons feels this way is because these are the qualities of this neighborhood, and it is one of the major functions of our Homeowners Association (HOA) to foster and promote those qualities which make Four Seasons such a desirable place to live.

The directors of our HOA welcome homeowner comments, questions and suggestions. The directors’ names and contact information can be found on the Contacts Page and in the monthly newsletter. We look forward to meeting and greeting you and extending our personal welcome to this special place we call Four Seasons.

The Board of Directors Four Seasons Homeowners Association 15005 SW Village Lane
Beaverton OR 97007

Four Seasons Clubhouse on Village Lane

Board meeting, Tuesday, August 16

The Four Seasons HOA Board will meet Tuesday, August 16. The virtual meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Meeting agenda here.

Virtual meeting ID: https://meet.google.com/puv-xpjw-ejf
Phone: 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪439 642 752 8702‬#

Current newsletter, August 1, 2022!

The August 1, 2022 Four Seasons Newsletter is ready to read. You can find it here .


  • Budget Committee volunteers needed

  • Update on pools

Pool news as of 8/9/22

The shallow pool is back in operation and open for swimmers. There were several people enjoying our neighborhood amenity this afternoon, which makes me very happy to see.

And, I know it’s been a frustrating pool season for many of you, and understandably so. Only having one of three pools open feels like you got the bargain basement deal this year, but I assure you, we’ve been working diligently trying to get everything up and running. And, between yesterday and early this morning, I think we’ve finally turned a corner. As of now, the deep pool’s circulation system is finally working, as it the heater. So, the water is now pumping through the filter, which allows for the introduction of chlorine to the pool. The cover will come off within the next couple days, as we want to get the water chemistry balanced first before subjecting it to direct sunlight, which can cause algae to bloom. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of cleaning up the pool, and continuing to fine tune the water chemistry. I think we may be able to see swimmers in the pool sometime next week.

And, the hot tub’s circulation system’s repair was completed this morning, and is no longer leaking. The hot tub is up and running now, and I expect the water chemistry to finish balancing out within the next 24 hours, which means (fingers crossed) you can all start enjoying it sometime tomorrow.

I’ll keep everyone informed of the progress we make, so you can all have a better idea of when you can start using the deep pool. In the meantime, please come down and dip your toes into the shallow pool.

Thank you,

Scott Busch

Four Seasons HOA Pools


Safety Reminder

There has been an increase in mailbox and vehicle break ins in the neighborhood. Yard waste bins have also been reported missing. Please be vigilant, and take precautions to secure and protect your vehicles, mailboxes, and homes.