As you consider the many areas in which you could purchase a home, undoubtedly one of the things which will strike you about Four Seasons is its feel. It feels safe, quiet and reflects that quality we term “pride of ownership.” The reason Four Seasons feels this way is because these are the qualities of this neighborhood,  and it is one of the major functions of our Homeowners Association (HOA) to foster and promote those qualities which make Four Seasons such a desirable place to live.

The directors of our HOA welcome homeowner comments, questions and suggestions. The directors’ names and contact information can be found on the Contacts Page and in the monthly newsletter. We look forward to meeting and greeting you and extending our personal welcome to this special place we call Four Seasons.

The Board of DirectorsFour Seasons Homeowners Association 15005 SW Village Lane
Beaverton OR 97007

Four Seasons Clubhouse on Village Lane

Shamrock contact information

Please contact Shamrock for issues you have in the neighborhood.  If there is not a satisfactory resolution, then you should contact the Board, whose information is on the contact page.

Phone: (503) 746-4122
After Hours Emergency: (503) 673-2442

Mailing address:
4905 SW Griffith Drive
Suite 202
Beaverton OR 97005

Email: info@shamrockcommunity.com
Website and portal: www.shamrockcommunity.com

Board Meeting March 21, 2023

Agenda can be found here! 

Annual Meeting and Election Changes

Now that we are under full management, we will see some changes. One thing you will notice is a new way of doing our annual meeting and election. We will be following Shamrock’s standard procedure, which works well for Shamrock’s other communities. There will be no written ballot this year. To meet a quorum and hold the election, Shamrock will be sending a proxy. You can assign a homeowner that you know will be attending the meeting as your proxy, or you can assign the HOA secretary, Kelly Court, as your proxy. You can also simply have the proxy to meet quorum, but then you aren’t voting on the election or other items. At the meeting the election will be held, and the proxies will vote. At this time there is only one candidate running for the two open seats. That is me. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting to fill the second seat. We also will vote on a tax housekeeping item. PLEASE sign and return your proxy. We must have proxies returned in order to meet a quorum. And we need a quorum to hold the election and fill the open board seats. Proxies can be submitted to Shamrock online, via email, in the dropbox, or via mail. You will be receiving the materials via mail and also via email if Shamrock has your email on file.

Nicholle Winters
FSHOA President

Board Volunteer Needed

With the call for volunteers for the open Board position, why join the Board you ask, given your busy life? Well, it really is a chance to make a meaningful and permanent difference in this community. Remember when to move from one pool to the other you had key your way out of one gate and walk around and key your way into the other, with a physical key? The Board made the change in the 2015 pool remodel to link the two pools with the pass-through walkway, and to change the pool gates to exit without a key, and to implement the key card system. Remember when there was no bathroom upstairs in the clubhouse and your choice was to use the spiral staircase of doom or go out the front door, down the ramp, over the sidewalk, around the building, and in the back door to use the downstairs bathrooms? The Board added the upstairs bathroom in the 2015 remodel of the clubhouse (as well as significantly improving the clubhouse layout). Remember when directors and officers used personal emails and every time Board members changed you had to figure out new emails to communicate with the HOA? The Board created generic emails in 2013. And created the neighborhood listserv that same year.Remember when the only allowable roof was cedar shake? The Board changed to allow architectural comp shingles. These are just a few examples of lasting changes made by the Board. Imagine the great idea you can bring to the table! It is incredibly rewarding to make such an impact in the neighborhood. 

Nicholle Winters
FSHOA President

Most current newsletter here!

March 7 newsletter can be accessed here! 

Management Company

We have transitioned to Shamrock Community Management. Shamrock has great technology and uses online information and portals whenever possible. For homeowners who have an email on file, Shamrock has already emailed out a welcome letter. That letter included a request to go to Shamrock’s webpage at https://shamrockcommunity.com/ to complete the “new owner information form.” After completing that form, Shamrock will invite you to activate your homeowner portal. We recommend everybody complete that process to take advantage of Shamrock’s technology.

Shamrock mailed a copy of the welcome letter to everyone, so don’t worry if you did not get the email. You can also go to Shamrock’s website (link above) on your own and click on the “new owner information form” link at the top of the page to submit the form. Please complete the form and get started with Shamrock!

When you complete the form, Shamrock asks for permission to communicate with you electronically. This is so they can email you information and save the HOA from having to mail hard copies of everything, which is expensive. We encourage everyone to allow electronic communication. Last year we mailed  a form out and almost everyone agreed to electronic communication. This is the same thing. 

Shamrock is available at info@shamrockcommunity.com and 503-746-4122 if you have any questions. 

Homeowners handbook updated

The latest edition of the Homeowners Handbook is a available on our website. You can read it here. There is also a link to the handbook in the Key Documents page.

Clubhouse Rentals

The Board has changed the procedure for clubhouse rentals. For new rentals going forward, the clubhouse rental fee is increased to $50. Checks may be made out to FSHOA. This fee includes thirty minutes of final cleaning and sanitization by the HOA cleaner. If cleaning takes more than thirty minutes, your cleaning deposit will be used. The HOA also now requires payment of the rental fee and cleaning deposit within one week of making the reservation or the reservation date is forfeited. Finally, cancellations must be made by 24 hours before the reserved date or the rental fee is forfeited.

Any questions contact the Clubhouse Director at clubhouse@fshoa.net

Thank you!

Safety Reminder

There has been an increase in mailbox and vehicle break ins in the neighborhood. Yard waste bins have also been reported missing. Please be vigilant, and take precautions to secure and protect your vehicles, mailboxes, and homes.