As you consider the many areas in which you could purchase a home, undoubtedly one of the things which will strike you about Four Seasons is its feel. It feels safe, quiet and reflects that quality we term “pride of ownership.” The reason Four Seasons feels this way is because these are the qualities of this neighborhood,  and it is one of the major functions of our Homeowners Association (HOA) to foster and promote those qualities which make Four Seasons such a desirable place to live.

The directors of our HOA welcome homeowner comments, questions and suggestions. The directors’ names and contact information can be found on the Contacts Page and in the monthly newsletter. We look forward to meeting and greeting you and extending our personal welcome to this special place we call Four Seasons.

The Board of DirectorsFour Seasons Homeowners Association 15005 SW Village Lane
Beaverton OR 97007

Four Seasons Clubhouse on Village Lane



MAY 21, 2024 AT 6:30 PM

Most current newsletter, April 7

The April 7 newsletter with March 19 Board Meeting, Annual Homeowners Meeting and Board Organizational Meeeting  minutes can be found here!

Dues Schedule

For 2024, the annual assessment is $650, a $75 increase. This can be paid in two installments of $325, with no fee. 

The first is due by February 1st and the second is due by May 1st. You can also pay in one installment by February 1st.


We have received some complaints about people regularly parking in front of other people’s houses and people with multiple vehicles regularly using up limited parking in cul-de-sacs and other locations. At this time the HOA does not have parking rules of this type, but please be courteous to your neighbors and respectful of everyone’s needs to use shared areas. Particularly during the holidays when people have family and other guests. 

Leaves, Yard Debris, and Trash

As winter comes, please remember the CC&Rs forbid blowing or dumping leaves and other yard debris on the common areas or street. The CC&Rs also forbid dumping trash on the common areas. Don’t invite additional charges against the HOA - that is also your money! Thank you.

New Shamrock Portal

Please remember to sign up to the new Shamrock portal so that you can pay your dues, submit questions, deal with compliance issues, and review other HOA information. If you did not get an email from Shamrock that means they do not have your email. Provide them your email in order to timely receive information from Shamrock and to save the HOA money and reduce costs. Part of the dues increase for Shamrock involved the cost of mailing items to homeowners that are not getting things electronically. Go to www.shamrockcommunity.com to sign up to the portal, email info@shamrockcommunity.com with your Four Seasons address and email address to provide them your email outside of a portal signup.

FSHOA Treasurer Needed

We encourage homeowners to apply. If interested, email Nicholle at president@fshoa.net

Shamrock contact information

Please contact Shamrock for issues you have in the neighborhood.  If there is not a satisfactory resolution, then you should contact the Board, whose information is on the contact page.

Phone: (503) 746-4122
After Hours Emergency: (503) 673-2442

Mailing address:
4905 SW Griffith Drive
Suite 202
Beaverton OR 97005

Email: info@shamrockcommunity.com
Website and portal: www.shamrockcommunity.com

Homeowners handbook updated

The latest edition of the Homeowners Handbook is a available on our website. You can read it here. There is also a link to the handbook in the Key Documents page.

Clubhouse Rentals

The clubhouse rental fee is $50. Checks may be made out to FSHOA. This fee includes thirty minutes of final cleaning and sanitization by the HOA cleaner. If cleaning takes more than thirty minutes, your cleaning deposit will be used. The HOA also now requires payment of the rental fee and cleaning deposit within one week of making the reservation or the reservation date is forfeited. Finally, cancellations must be made by 24 hours before the reserved date or the rental fee is forfeited.

Any questions contact the Clubhouse Director at clubhouse@fshoa.net or 971-242-9118

Thank you!

Safety Reminder

There has been an increase in mailbox and vehicle break ins in the neighborhood. Yard waste bins have also been reported missing. Please be vigilant, and take precautions to secure and protect your vehicles, mailboxes, and homes.