The beginning

Four Seasons is a planned community consisting of 383 homes. The community was developed and built by Wedgewood Homes. The first plats were recorded in 1968 and the last plat was recorded in 1975. One of the things which make Four Seasons unique is the variety of home styles within it. In addition to single family homes, there are townhouses and duplexes. The majestic Douglas Firs throughout the area give the neighborhood its signature Northwest flavor.

In 1988 the neighborhood was annexed and became part of the City of Beaverton. The city provides sewer, water, street lighting and street maintenance as well as police protection.  Fire protection is provided by Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue.

Common areas with walking paths and creeks meander throughout the area. There is a club house which may be reserved by the property owners for their use. There are two pools plus a hot tub.

Four Seasons is within the Beaverton School District. There is a monitored cross-walk in Four Seasons to Chehalem Elementary  School. Junior high students attend Mountain View and high school students attend Mountainside High School High. St. Mary of the Valley is nearby as well as other private schools.

Four Seasons is served by Northwest Natural Gas, Portland General Electric, Ziply Fiber, Comcast, City of Beaverton water, and has a variety of public transportation options.  Sewer is paid with water bills to the City of Beaverton. Anything you need is convenient to our neighborhood.

The iconic Four Seasons entrance sign

Our association

In December 1969 the Four Seasons Homeowners Association was organized and incorporated under Chapter 94, Oregon Annotated Statutes. It operates in accordance with the statutes, its by-laws and its Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). A copy of the CC&Rs is provided to each homeowner at the time of closing. They are also available on the Association’s website and management company portal. Three neighborhoods are within Four Seasons – Summerville Square, Crystalbrook and The Villas – each have an additional sub-HOA with additional Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions to address the specific needs of each area.

Each household/owner within Four Seasons is a member of the Association and is entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting. The Association is governed by a five-member board of directors each elected to a two-year term. Elections are staggered with two directors elected on even-numbered years and three elected on odd-numbered years. There are no limits on the number of terms a director may serve. Elections are held at the Association’s Annual Meeting during the first week in December. The Board elects its own officers and makes committee assignments at its first meeting after the Annual Meeting.

Regular meetings of the Board are held monthly. The exact date, time and place will be published in the Four Seasons Newsletter, message list, and website. As Association members, all homeowners are invited to attend Board meetings. In the interest of time, homeowners who have issues and/or items for Board consideration are asked to contact the Board’s President at least 3 days prior to the meeting to assure a place on the agenda.

Clubhouse and pool

The Association maintains two swimming pools, a spa pool and a clubhouse for the use of our Four Seasons residents and their families. Use of these facilities, in addition to payment of the established fees, also requires that Association dues be current. The pools and spa pool are usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day depending on the weather. A complete set of rules for pool and spa pool use are available on the Association website. Pool key cards are activated annually for all homeowners who do not owe any assessments. If a homeowner has lost the pool key card there is a charge for a replacement key card. If a key card was never issued to an address, the first issued card is provided without charge. Current fees are posted on the Association website.

The clubhouse is located at 15005 SW Village Lane. Those interested in using the facilities for a function are asked to make a reservation using the Clubhouse page on the website. The website provides guidelines, available hours of use, as well as any fees and deposits required.  All requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact the Four Seasons Homeowners Association Pool Director regarding questions about the pool facilities, its operations, policies, and rules. The pool also has a website page with that information.


The Architectural Committee is responsible for maintaining compliance with the provisions of Articles VIII through Article X of the Association’s CC&Rs

In order to maintain the beauty and character of Four Seasons there are certain restrictions regarding property appearance, vehicle parking, signage and other items that might affect the value of properties. Additionally, owners are required to submit any plans for front, back, and side landscaping or hardscaping and external remodeling of their homes to the Architectural Committee for review and approval. It is critical that homeowners familiarize themselves with the functions and requirements of the Architectural Committee.  Visit the ARC information website page for more information.

It is NOT the purpose or intent of the Architectural Committee to create undue hardship for homeowners by imposing onerous restrictions. Rather, the Committee’s intent is to maintain the architectural and aesthetic integrity of our neighborhood thereby protecting what, for most, is their single largest asset. Your assistance and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


It is the responsibility of the HOA to maintain all the common areas within Four Seasons. These include lawns, walking paths, bridges, wooded areas, fences and creeks. The CC&Rs require  residents to maintain their own properties including the trimming of low-hanging tree branches and shrubbery to allow safe use of sidewalks. 

The common areas in Four Seasons are composed of islands, lawns, paths, fences, wooded areas, bridges, sidewalks, creeks, the pools, and the clubhouse.The Maintenance Director focuses on the common areas other than the pools and clubhouse. A map of these common areas is at the back of this handbook, broken into landscaping “zones.” A landscape maintenance contractor is retained to mow, plant, do weed control, prune, and other landscape work in the common areas owned by the Four Seasons Homeowners Association.

The Board or Maintenance Director also engages in planning the improvements and maintenance of the common areas. This includes resurfacing of walkways, planting trees, shrubbery, and other projects. These projects must be within a budget as approved by the Board of Directors. Input from the members is always desired. The designated common areas are for the use of homeowners or tenants, and their guests for walking, playing, picnics, and other activities. Since the common areas are for the use and enjoyment of each homeowner, dumping of trash, littering, destruction of property, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Each homeowner is responsible for cleaning from the edge of his or her property to the middle of the street and also to prune those trees, if any, between the djoining sidewalk and the street. Branches of trees must be pruned to provide clearance over the roadway of no less than 12 feet, and no less than 8 feet over the sidewalks. All plants must be pruned so that they do not block pedestrians on the sidewalks.

The CC&Rs establish that it is unlawful for residents and association members to place a fence, sign, or any other unapproved structure or facility on the common areas. Neither shall any planting or pruning be done on common property by residents and members without the written permission of the Board or Maintenance Director. Access by pedestrians to common areas from sidewalks is to be unobstructed.

All adults are asked to help monitor our common areas to insure their proper use. Replacing damaged plants and trees is expensive to all homeowners.

Homeowners with residences adjacent to common areas should familiarize themselves with the legal property boundaries to make certain their landscaping, fences, and personal utilities do not infringe upon common area tracts. The Association has the right to file liens against properties where there is an infringement upon those areas and take other legal action.

The City of Beaverton sweeps our streets once a month. To assure sweeping in front of your house, please be sure vehicles are not parked on the street. Piles of leaves and other debris will not be removed by the sweeper. This material, as with any other yard waste, should be gathered up and disposed of by the owner. City sweeping is usually done the first week of each month.

Please enjoy the usage of the common areas, and if you have any questions or suggestions please contact the Maintenance Director.


Volunteers keep the Four Seasons Homeowners Association a strong and actively working association. Without volunteers, this would not be possible. Dues are reduced because volunteers perform tasks that some associations pay a management company to do.

Volunteers are constantly needed. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and feel a part of your area. If you would like to be a volunteer, please call one of the directors listed on the website Contacts page.