Parking request

From our CC&Rs, Declaration 5.9: Parking:

Boats, trailers, limousines, commercial trucks or vans over one (1) ton, any vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 3 or higher, mobile homes, campers, and other recreational vehicles or equipment shall not be parked on any part of the Common Area, or on any streets on or adjacent to the Property at any time or for any reason, and may not be parked on any Lot unless they are fully enclosed in the garage.

The ARC and Board shall have the authority to grant permission for such vehicles or equipment to park on a Lot or street on a short-term basis. What constitutes a short-term basis shall be more specifically determined by Board and set forth in the Architectural Standards. The Board may promulgate further Rules and Regulations relating to parking as deemed necessary and appropriate.

To submit a parking request go to the Nova Portal at, sign on and click on the “ARC Plans” button.

Click on the link to Add New, then select Type: Parking Requests. Complete the form and submit it.

Alternatively, you can submit a request by mailing or emailing to Nova the Parking Request Form, available here.