Private road maintenance easements 

There are three private roads in Four Seasons. These roads are maintained by the residents who live along the roads and may only be used by those residents and their guests. These roads are not a common area paid for and maintained by the Four Seasons HOA for use by all Four Seasons residents.

Driving on these private roads without authorization is trespassing.

Below are the easements recorded for each of the private roads. These easements authorize homeowners along the roads to use the roads, require those homeowners to maintain the roads, and authorize a Maintenance Committee, elected by the owners of the affected lots, to assess the owners of the affected lots an equal share of costs to maintain the roads.

For a clearer understanding of the location of the private roads and the affected homes, attached to each recorded easement is a copy of a map showing the private road. This map is not part of the recorded easement, but has been added for clarity and convenience.

Maintenance Easement for Village Place Private Road

Maintenance Easement for Private Road off 152nd

Maintenance Easement for Heights Lane

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