Pools closed for the season

Hello Four Seasons! Unfortunately, its time to say goodbye to the pools for this season. In order to get the algae bloom under control, keep monitors on, etc. the costs are just not in the budget to stay open. I will close it down for 2021 and we will hit it early next spring and have a great full summer in 2022.

Thank you for all the volunteers and encouragement this year, I appreciate it.

Thank you - Chris Casteel, September 20, 2021

Reopening details

Pools partially reopening! The shallow pool will reopen July 7 from 2-8 p.m., and thereafter. All pool users must shower before entering the pool.

The spa and deep pool remain closed until work on them can be completed. Additionally, some of the patio furniture and some of the deck has not yet been cleaned. But knowing how eager homeowners are to get back in the pools, we are opening as soon as possible, at reduced capacity.

Because of the reduced capacity, guest use is temporarily suspended until the facility is fully open, and only residents may use the pool at this time. This restriction may be lifted (and reinstated) at any time by the Pool Director, subject to demand on pool use.

Please review the pool rules for general conduct requirements. The hours posted in the rules may not be accurate until the facility is fully opened, so check the HOA website, Nextdoor, your listserv email, or the HOA Pool Facebook page for current hours until the pools are fully operational. Email pools@fshoa.net with any questions.

Note from the Treasurer: All homeowners are provided a key card that is to be kept and transitioned to new property owners along with the house keys, garage door openers, etc. If a key was never picked up for your address one will be provided to you at no charge. If you have lost your key or if the key was not transferred from the previous owner, a replacement key can be issued for a $75 fee.

Earlier pool notes from when the facility was last open in 2019:

Pool announcements about opening times are made on the Four Seasons Beaverton Pools Facebook group.

A few rules that must be followed:

Swimmers MUST have their own key cards to enter the pool area, you will not have access to the pool without one (please also make sure if you are going to the bathrooms that you take your key card with you). If you don't have a pool key or your key doesn't work, contact the HOA treasurer to get yours.

Swimmers MUST shower prior to entering the pool

If you use sunscreen, swimmers MUST put on sunscreen ONE hour PRIOR to swimming. Using sunscreen is not a requirement.

Children who are not toilet-trained must wear appropriate swim diapers.

Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear; no street clothes in the pool (denim or cotton textile).

Pools will be closed if the temperature is below 65 degrees, if there is steady or hard rain, if there is significant wind, or if thunderstorms occur.

The Four Seasons deep pool